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the pile meets the pile…

25 Mrz

As I was sorting through my patterns I felt like wandering the Alps. I feel like I never have to buy another pattern because I already own enough for 2 lifes….so deciding what to sew this year hasn`t been an easy task. I tried to mix clothing (more long-term projects obviously), accessories (maybe done in a day or so) and patchwork (I have LOTS of pretty little squares).
Anyway – here it is: the pattern pile 2012

I will go into detail the next days.

Today the big dutch fabric fair took place in a town near our place – so of course I had to be there… 😉

So, here are some fabrics for this years projects:

It´s always soooo cool to roam around in thousands of fabric bargains…



Use what you have…

19 Mrz

…and I have a lot of patterns. Trust me all stowed away nicely waiting for the perfect day, with the perfect fabric to come alive. Yet in the meantime there seem to be more patterns and books coming instead of going into the process of beeing used. This has to stop – so when today I saw a very true pledge in the Internet I felt that it was about time to join in and get my attempts to use what I have (patterns, fabrics etc.) on a more decent level. 😉

So, I will join Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones this year:

First step will be to gather all my stuff and make a workable schedule until next weekend and see wahts neede for the first pattern to become reality (there will be a BIG fabric fair in Wiesbaden) .

Wish me luck!